WP Sites for Small Businesses and the Marketing Firms that Love Them

Support for Your Staff

I love to empower, and I am famously patient. If I build your site, I am available to you and your staff. You will not be left hanging trying to figure things out on your own.

Downstream Client Support for Firms

On an hourly basis, I can provide unlimited, branded, support to your clients, if you setup an email address for me. This can include WP/website stuff, as well as dealing with their web hosting/email providers.

Out-of-the-Box Theme Setup

If I am just customizing the header, bg, and font families in an existing theme, implementation is always $150. This can include installing theme demo content if applicable/a good thing to do. Here are some sites where I did light customization, and the client took care of the rest:
Design by Out of the Box Theme

Custom Designs Based on Out-of-the-Box Themes

If your designer starts with a screenshot of an existing theme, and just modifies the header, colors, bgs, and fonts, and does not do anything that the theme demo doesn’t show, implementation is $250-$450.

Totally Custom Designs

You provide the designs via PSD, AI. etc. I chop it up, match colors and fonts, and create the WP theme, and do any necessary plugin installation and configuration. These typically run $450-$800. I can discuss implementation costs with you and your designer prior to your submitting the designs to your client, to create a solid budget, or to provide cost options. Here are links to some sites I built from psd/ai:
Design by Brian Adams @ bigfishpond.com
Design by Evy Hanson @ leaponlinemarketing.com
Design by Shark Bite SEO

Setup of Model Site

If you with to implement a lot of very similar sites, we can setup a model site, which I replicate for each site you need. Here is the one that I use for my own small biz clients:

We will work up a budget that includes your first three sites and the model site. That step is typically $500-$1500 ($0 if you use mine. LOL), depending on what things you would like to do for each client, and which things your own team can handle internally. We flat price implementation of your model after that. Those start at $50 each, if your team is comfortable and available to change fonts/colors/logos/etc, to configure plugins, etc. for each site.

Your team and I can improve the model as often as you like. For instance, you may have a standard privacy policy page that you typically include.

What the Above Prices Assume

We will use the Genesis Framework. I have a developer’s license, so the Framework and a StudioPress Child theme will not affect your costs.

Adding content is not included, but I will create your pages and navigation, and if needed, will put in a bit of content to see that things are working well. If the homepage is complicated, I can include that in my pricing as well.

Typically, a *simple* plugin or two is included, such as a post slider, newsletter sign up, etc.