Home Sweet Home

Community Educator @ Gneeks.org.  Founder/builder of Nouns4Teachers, the first teacher focused DAO.  Working with dev team for NounPress.  Buidler @ CO2Cult.

Quality control and debugging fiend who sees data as river. I seek to remove dams and refine tributaries to integrate learning into day to day activities.

Short Bio for Replication

Community Educator @ Gneeks.org. Founder/builder of Nouns4Teachers, the first teacher focused DAO. Working with dev team for NounPress. Buidler @ CO2Cult.

Writing code since 1977, and managing web teams and coding for educational projects since 1993. Contractor for Discovery Channel International’s Digital Laboratory to launch the first version of discovery.com, and was the tech lead in building the front and back ends for school.discovery.com. Other clients and projects have included Pratt & Whitney Engines, the International Monetary Fund, the National Association of Home Builders Research Center, and a whole lot of start-ups.


I wrote my first computer program in 1977, at the age of 8. I went on to write Tracy’s Technical Talk, a column in my Middle School newspaper. 🙂 I GED’s and attended classes at VCU, and later at the Kogard School of Business at American University. Then… the web happened.

I worked at Discovery Channel Online for the launch of their first site, then went on to start my own company, Bryson Web Production, Inc. We built Discovery Channel School On-line, worked with The IMF, The World Bank, The National Association of Builders Research Center, Spirit Voyage Music, and a whole lot of start-ups. I wrote my first CMS in 1993, and have since implemented over 20 custom systems. One such system was for Discovery Channel School, where teachers entered curriculum for use with Discovery Channel programs, which we turned into web pages. Since then, I have done builds and customizations in over a dozen different out-of-the-box CMS and e-commerce systems. That includes doing WordPress hosting, development, and support since 2002.

I’ve integrated with information sent from airplanes, various APIs including financial data sites, PayPal and Authorize.Net, RSS feeds, XML feeds, enom.com, constantcontact.com, and icontact.com – you name it, I love it. 🙂 I also really enjoy debugging, especially when multiple technologies are involved. That includes every layer from the hosting environment, through the server and application code, through the data, right down to the design layer. Since data can often cause problems, it’s a particular fun spot for me to find and correct issues with data and CSS code.