My Guarantee

I guarantee that you will be happy with my work.  My work is guaranteed until my death or incapacitation.   I will support my work indefinitely as well, so if you ever have questions, I am here.  It is normal to forget how to do things.  Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out.  Find me on skype for immediate attention, most days, between 9am and 3pm EST, as well as other times: tracybcarpenter

Unfortunately, there are some things that I can’t cover, because they are beyond my control:

  • new plugins or other software are installed
  • software is updated or upgraded (WP, plugins, themes, mySQL, etc.)
  • a new browser or browser version is released into the common marketplace
  • configuration changes were made to anything involved
  • files were edited since my work
  • your site is hacked and/or attacked

If those things have happened, or you don’t know what happened, then debugging and possibly research, will be required to find a solution.  That work is not covered by the guarantee, unless my work is found to be the cause.

I recommend that all WP site owners get a blogVault account, so that your site can be restored instantly, if needed.    I also strongly recommend sucuri, who scan your site for vulnerabilities and will *clean the site for free* if it becomes infected.  It happens.  And, if you restore a backup, new posts, comments, or other data on your site will be lost.   Brochure sites, which don’t take any input from users, and have no comments, generally do not need this, because restoring from backup will not cause data loss.

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