Deleting Messages from the Server

Each email client is different, even the different versions of Outlook.

Thus, you need instructions for the exact client you are using, to find where they have the setting

This article has great graphics, and gets most outlook users close enough to find it in their own version.

Outlook 2010: How to Save or Remove Emails from the Server

If that does not help, to get the current instructions for your email client, google ‘[your email client and version] delete messages from server’.

If you find a good one, I’d love an email with a link, so that I can include it here.

If you still have no luck, and you are a hosting client, please email me with what you were searching for, and I’ll see what I can do.


I wrote my first computer program in 1977. I worked at Discovery Channel Online for the launch of their first site, then went on to start my own company, where I continued to work with them, Discovery Channel School, the IMF, and a whole lot of start-ups. I wrote my first CMS in 1993, and have since implemented over 20 custom systems. One such system was for Discovery Channel School, where teachers entered curriculum for use with Discovery Channel programs, which we turned into web pages. Since then, I have done builds and customizations in over a dozen different out-of-the-box CMS and e-commerce systems.

Since then, I’ve been happily playing with websites and data, and operating a small ISP. I’ve been doing WordPress hosting, development, and support since 2002.

I’ve integrated with information sent from airplanes, various APIs including financial data sites, PayPal and Authorize.Net, RSS feeds, XML feeds,,, and – you name it, I love it. 🙂 I also really enjoy debugging, especially when multiple technologies are involved. That includes every layer from the hosting environment, through the server and application code, through the data, right down to the design layer. Since data can often cause problems, it’s a particular fun spot for me to find and correct issues with data and CSS code.

Work Terms
All work is plat priced, with the exception of debugging, and all work is guaranteed. I will let you know well in advance if the job cannot be done in the expected time frame and budget.

$150 WordPress Site Setups

You choose a StudioPress theme, and I:

  • Install WP for you, if needed
  • Install the theme
  • Customize the header, as shown in the theme demo
  • Setup your navigation menu
  • 1-3 of the following, depending on complication:
    • Basic plugin installation
    • Homepage setup
    • Tweaking fonts and backgrounds
    • Other very basic customization
  • Teach you how to manage your content and site (ongoing)
  • Give you quotes if you want more from me.  🙂


$50 Guaranteed WordPress Site Migrations

I’ve been hosting WordPress sites since 2002, and have transferred literally hundreds from one ISP to another. I have an automated, seamless, and guaranteed process. If it does not work, you won’t be charged (and I can quote you for a manual move).

PHP / WordPress Debugging

I am a second generation debugger, and grew up with my Dad puzzling over various things. I’ve been working with WordPress since 2002, including hosting, building custom themes, debugging, testing, and perfecting.
$125 / Hour
$25 minimum budget