I wrote my first computer program in 1977. I worked at Discovery Channel Online for the launch of their first site, then went on to start my own company, where I continued to work with them, Discovery Channel School, the IMF, and a whole lot of start-ups. I wrote my first CMS in 1993, and have since implemented over 20 custom systems. One such system was for Discovery Channel School, where teachers entered curriculum for use with Discovery Channel programs, which we turned into web pages. Since then, I have done builds and customizations in over a dozen different out-of-the-box CMS and e-commerce systems. That includes doing WordPress hosting, development, and support since 2002.

I’ve integrated with information sent from airplanes, various APIs including financial data sites, PayPal and Authorize.Net, RSS feeds, XML feeds, enom.com, constantcontact.com, and icontact.com – you name it, I love it. 🙂 I also really enjoy debugging, especially when multiple technologies are involved. That includes every layer from the hosting environment, through the server and application code, through the data, right down to the design layer. Since data can often cause problems, it’s a particular fun spot for me to find and correct issues with data and CSS code.

6 Recommended Expenses for Every WordPress Site Owner

Backup, Recovery, and Migration
284708_392337987498490_667789323_n *Everyone* with a WordPress site should have BlogVault. Their site explains it all, but here’s what I have to say as well. :)Read more:
If You Have a WordPress Site, You Need BlogVault to Backup and Migrate
Malware/Hack Prevention & Recovery
Sucuri scans your site, and notifies you of security issues.  And… the big deal… if your site gets malware, they will clean it for free, usually within hours (though they say it may take much longer).  LOL.
Domain Registrations and Hosting
Hands Down.  HostGator – yes, they, and all of the other less expensive hosts are subject to occasional downtime.  You get what you pay for.  If you’d like a more expensive, more stable solution, touch base with me, and we can talk about your options.
WP Theme and Framework
Always Go With Genesis.  Always.  🙂  That said… If you are already sold on templatemonster or themeforest, be sure that you search for the most recent version of WordPress. Many of these vendors do not issue updates. And, be very sure that the demo site does everything that you want your site to do. Some of these themes do not support everything that WP has.
Leads, Connections, Mentors, and Motivation
If you are new to Internet Marketing, getting leads to your home business, or just in a rut MyLeadSystemPro is the deal.Get hooked in to great trainings, a network of others who are where you are, and who need you. Ongoing webinars keep you up to date on the current issues with social media, and keep you motivated with fresh ideas. They have amazing step by step instructions for getting your facebook life on track and generating leads, using youtube, twitter, etc, it is seemingly endless. And, you will meet others who are learning, as well as have exposure to mentors in various marketing fields.

With my hectic schedule (well, those of my kids), I had trouble getting to the calls and webinars, so I created a Google calendar, to alert me on my android device.  You are welcome to hook in here: http://tracycarpenter.info/mlsp-calls-and-webinars/

Advanced WP Forms
As a person who spends too much time debugging word press sites, Gravity Forms definitely gets my vote.  It plays very well with others and has a bunch of great features, including tracking responses, and there are add ons available to hook into PayPal and other third party services.

Running WP in the Root Directory with Another Website (non-php)

Our legacy site operates from http://brysonweb.com/index.cfm. We wanted to develop our site in wordpress, right there, and to not have to move it later. All of our code for hosting clients is written in Cold Fusion, and it would not be a logical expense to try to re-code it all into WP’s php.

So, with some fiddling with .htaccess and permalinks, we were able to have visitors to brysonweb.com continue to receive the ColdFusion site, and also to view and manage our new WP site.

We used an iframe in the hosting section, to pull in the cold fusion pages.

Then be issue became how WP handles the home page. With the Cold Fusion page at brysonweb.com as the default, all links from within the WP site linked out of it. And, we couldn’t actually see your WP Home Page.

Here are the tweaks that worked for us:

Copy home.php my-home.php

Add this to the top of my-home.php

Create new page in WP called “Home”, which uses the “My Home” template.

Get the permalink URL by viewing the page. It will look something like this: http://brysonweb.com/index.php/home

Add it to your Menu as a custom link, using that URL.

And, that should do the trick!