Fantastic guru!! Extremely knowledgeable, knocked my project out and even debugged some issues without my needing to ask. She is great to work with, really responsive and incredibly helpful. Communication was best of any freelancer I’ve ever worked with online or off. And she was fun to work with on top of her great skillset. Wonderful experience!! An excellent resource from every angle.


This is the first time I worked with Tracy and she is even better than I expected. She works fast (I was very late) and get’s the job done with high quality. Also her communication skills are great and takes initiative. In the past I worked with other programmers, but weren’t reliable – tracy is, highly recommended.

I have been working with Tracy for a couple of weeks now. And I am very satisfied with the results. She is fast, communicates well and get’s the job done. Furthermore, I can trust her with my website, which is for me most important!