If You Have a WordPress Site, You Need BlogVault to Backup and Migrate

Backups & Easy Restoration

With BlogVault, you don’t need to wait for a tech to dig through your backup file(s) and restore your files and database manually.  You can do it yourself, easily, with blogVault.  All you need to restore, is the FTP info for your server. They store daily backups for 30 days, so you can revert back to any point within that, and you can download backups if you want to store older backups on your PC. Regardless of what you are using for backups, I highly recommend you download them to a local copy once per month. On the blogVault website, click “Compare Us” to see how they do compared with Backup Buddy.

blogVault vs. Backup Buddy

Safe WP updates

These days, it’s not uncommon at all, for you to upgrade WP, or install a plug-in, and find that things went very awry. And, of course, there is also human error. If you have the WordPress White Screen of Death, can’t get into wp-admin, or your site is just suddenly a wrecked disaster, BlogVault can restore your site almost instantly. If you have an account, that is. 🙂  If you are backing up through your isp, you will generally have to get help in extracting and restoring the data and files.  And, if your whole server is down, you have no access to anything.

Site Migrations

BlogVault also has a WP site migration tool.  Since I’ve been using BlogVault, WordPress site migrations are taking literally 20% of the previous time, because BlogVault automatically handles a great deal of the common tasks that are required when moving a WordPress site.  Blogvault takes care of migrating all of the files (including .htaccess et al), and the DB.  It changes the WP settings with the URL throughout the content, so even if someone hardcoded a URL to the development server, it is corrected automatically in the migration process.  There is a test restore feature as well, for those that worry.

If you have a WP site, BlogVault is essential.

BlogVault offers a free 7 day trial.

Author: Tracy Carpenter

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